Most godmen have been linked to controversies and one of the most notorious of them all is Nithyananda, who has been accused of a number of things, including being wanted on a rape charge. Not wanting to face trial, Nithyananda fled India in 2019 and founded for himself, a "sovereign Hindu nation" named Kailasa! Nithyananda has become very famous for featuring in a number of memes as well as for his speeches. However, ever since he established Kailasa and most of his disciples were seen to be women, men have been joking about the nation being a paradise and wanting to visit there. It is all becoming a reality now!

In a latest video released by Nithyananda, he has stated that his nation Kailasa has begun issuing Visas for tourists to visit. Those wishing to visit Kailasa will have to reach Australia, from where a special newly launched chartered flight service named "Garuda", would take them onward to Kailasa. In the same video, Nithyananda also urged the visitors to not stay for over 3 days in Kailasa and added that during their stay, they would be permitted one dharshan of "Param Shiva"! The video streamed on Nithyananda's Facebook page and had a request to visitors to not ask for Visa for more than 3 days, as Kailasa could afford to host visitors for only this period as of now and not any longer.

Visitors will have to make their own arrangements to travel to Australia but from there, their travel to and back from Kailasa would be borne by Nithyananda's organization and all visitors will be given free accomodation and food, while in Kailasa. Nithyananda, who started the organisation Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam, has often been accused of a number of illegal activities, including rape, kidnapping as well as confining children in his ashram illegally. There have been a number of other accusations too and the Gujarat Police had announced him absconding, after he failed to appear for 50 hearings. Nithyananda claims his nation Kailasa to be the "World's Greatest Hindu Nation" and a nation without borders created by dispossessed Hindus from around the world, who had lost the rights to practice Hinduism in their own countries. Recently, in August, Nithyananda announced the establishment of his nation's central bank and also their freshly minted currency - Kailashian Dollars!