The news of popular Tamil actress VJ Chithra on December 9 has left a big void in the entertainment industry after she took her own life, with fans still reeling from the shock. Chithra died at the young age of 29 in a hotel room in Chennai’s Nazrathpet and the tragic incident has since created a huge buzz on social media, with her husband and entrepreneur Hemanth getting arrested by the police in connection with the case six days after her death. Hemanth was arrested for alleged abetment to Chitra's suicide, with reports stating that the actress had gotten into a number arguments and disagreements with him over the past few days. 

With the investigation into Chithu's death still ongoing and more details awaited, the Pandian Stores actress' parents had interacted with the media late Friday evening and posed their doubts about the nature of her death. Chithra's mother Vijaya addressed the statement made by Hemnath's father who said the actress had committed suicide as a result of the growing number of loans she had taken. She stated that Chithra was making payments for the loans she had undertaken for her car and other personal belongings. "We have documents for everything Chithra has bought all by herself. There were no troubles in the loan repayments as stated by Hemnath's father. I do not believe there is any chance my daughter took such a drastic step due to any loans."

Chithra's mother then queried as to what the reason was for Hemnath to take up a room in a hotel. She further stated that the Chithu and Hemnath could have come over to their house after that day's shooting or headed over to her in-laws house. She then said that Chithra and Hemnath had informed that they were going to their in-laws place and not to any hotel. Chithu's mother then made the revelation that the news of her daughter's suicide was made known to her only the next day and not on the day she passed away. She also questioned the timing of the news of Chithra's death being told to them stating she was given the shocking news by Hemnath's father only in the evening. "I was informed very late. I'm not a person who watches TV once I wake up in the morning. Had I watched the news, I would have known about Chithra's death."

Watch VJ Chithra's parents full shocking speech below: