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“தமிழ்நாடு என்ன குப்பைத்தொட்டியா?” தமிழக பகுதிகளில் மருத்துவ கழிவுகளை கொட்ட வந்த கேரள லாரிகளால் பரபரப்பு!

Tamil Nadu News

08 Apr 2021 16:23

தமிழக பகுதிகளில் மருத்துவ கழிவுகளை கொட்ட வந்த கேரள லாரிகளால் பரபரப்பு ஏற்பட்டுள்ள நிலையில், “தமிழ்நாடு குப்பைத்தொட்டியா?” என்றும் பல்வேறு தரப்பினரும் இணையத்தில் கருத்து தெரிவித்து வருகின்றனர். கேரளா மாநிலத்தில் இருந்து கோழி கழிவுகள் மற்றும் மருத்துவ ...Read more

பாஜகவுக்கு இந்த முறை ஒரு இடம் கூட கிடைக்காது- பினராயி விஜயன்

Political News

06 Apr 2021 17:31

தமிழகம் போலவே கேரளவிலும் 140 சட்டமன்ற தொகுதிகளுக்கும் ஒரே கட்டமாக இன்று நடக்கிறது. முதல்வர் பினராயி விஜயன் தர்மடம் தொகுதியில் போட்டியிடுகிறார். இவரை எதிர்த்து காங்கிரஸ் சார்பில் ரகுநாத் போட்டியிடுகிறார். வாக்களித்த பின்பு செய்தியாளர்களிடம் கூறியது, ...Read more

Karnataka Government revises cracker ban decision and allows green fireworks!

India News

08 Nov 2020 19:44

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic, people have been changing a number of things in their day-to-day lives and as of ...Read more

TN CM Edappadi K Palaniswami requests Odisha & Rajasthan CMs to reconsider ban on fireworks!

India News

06 Nov 2020 14:56

The outbreak of the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic, has changed the way we go about our daily lives. We are living in what is ...Read more

Priyanca Radhakrishnan becomes first Indian origin minister in New Zealand!

World News

03 Nov 2020 17:02

Indians have for long been proving invaluable in various countries abroad, where they have settled in and are pursuing careers and lives for themselves! One ...Read more

Decreasing numbers indicate India is past COVID peak!

Corona News

19 Oct 2020 19:03

After being one of the countries to swiftly respond to the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic's outbreak, India soon began recording alarmingly high number of ...Read more

Kerala Health Minister orders probe into case of negligence in COVID survivor case!

India News

29 Sep 2020 19:31

In these COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic times, it is the doctors and healthcare officials and other frontline workers who are our first line of ...Read more

Kerala Police to induct 11 dogs of local breeds like Chippiparai & Mudhol Hound in department!

India News

10 Sep 2020 15:06

The Canine members of the Police Department play a very important role in various scenarios. Be it sniffing out drugs or detecting bombs or even ...Read more

Indian literacy rates - Kerala highest & Andhra Pradesh lowest!

India News

07 Sep 2020 14:49

India is known to be the birth place of a number of arts, languages and a lot of culture & heritage. There are also various ...Read more

Customs to probe link between Kerala Gold smuggling & Karnataka drug trafficking cases!

India News

04 Sep 2020 20:28

One of the biggest scandals to hit the headlines in recent times is the Kerala Gold smuggling case, which is still causing a lot of ...Read more

Central Crime Branch seize over Rs. 1 Crore worth Ganja from inter-state drug peddlers!

India News

28 Aug 2020 17:06

The ongoing COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic faced by the globe still seems to not deter some drug peddlers. In what is considered to be ...Read more

Man in Kerala has a narrow escape from speeding vehicle - VIRAL VIDEO

India News

24 Aug 2020 17:35

In what can be called as a miracle, a video clip showing a man in Kerala narrowly escaping what could have been certain death due ...Read more

Kerala plane crash: 18 dead, 127 out of 190 passengers still in hospital

India News

08 Aug 2020 11:35

Around 18 people have been declared dead and 127 out of the 190 passengers were injured after an Air India Express flight from Dubai skidded ...Read more

Kerala rains: 15 dead and 50 missing after landslide in Idukki, ex-gratia announced for victims

India News

07 Aug 2020 21:38

At least 15 bodies were retrieved by rescuers, who encountered mountainous struggles on Friday to free others under debris with around 50 more feared to ...Read more

Supreme Court rejects Kerala activist Rehana Fathima's bail plea in semi-nude video case

India News

07 Aug 2020 15:20

The Supreme Court on Friday rejected the anticipatory bail request of Kerala activist Rehana Fathima in regard to the case filed against her over a ...Read more

One of India's most-wanted terrorists among 3 terror operatives killed in Afghanistan!

World News

05 Aug 2020 16:49

The entire world sat back and took notice when a group of people attacked the prison in Afghanistan's Jalalabad, on Sunday evening! This attack came ...Read more

Video: Mahindra Bolero crashes into JCB running without control & saves man's life!

India News

27 Jul 2020 13:05

The outbreak of the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic has instilled a new sense of appreciation for life, in most of us! The rising death ...Read more

Saree clad mannequin dispenses sanitiser for customers in Madurai Textile shop!

Tamilnadu Corona News

24 Jul 2020 16:07

There is a very famous quote which says, "necessity is the mother of invention" but it has also given rise to another proverb - "adversity ...Read more

American citizen appeals for extended visa stating India better than USA!

World News

12 Jul 2020 16:06

The COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic is said to have originated from the Wuhan Province of China but ever since the beginning of this year, ...Read more

Kerala gold smuggling case: Accused Swapna Suresh and Sandeep Nair arrested by NIA at Bengaluru

India News

11 Jul 2020 21:35

Two names in the gold smuggling case of Kerala, Swapna Suresh and Sandeep Nair, have been arrested in Bengaluru by the National Investigation Agency (NIA). ...Read more
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