After having no means to fight the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic for the best part of whole of 2020, humanity had just begun to think of better times with a number of vaccines being identified to fight the deadly virus. A few countries have just begun administering the vaccines to their frontline healthcare workers and senior citizens but the vaccinations are yet to begin in most countries. However, the COVID nightmare doesn't seem to be over. Over the past couple of days, news of a mutated new strain of the COVID-19 Corona Virus spreading rapidly in the United Kingdom, has been hitting the headlines! This has caused quite a lot of panic amongst all the people.

Now, a report from the UK states that experts fear children to be highly vulnerable to the new strain of the Corona Virus. Reports state that Professor Neil Ferguson - an epidemiologist of Inperial College London, there is a "hint" that children who have barely been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic so far, would be far more susceptible to the mutation. The report quoted the professor as stating that the high rate of infection reported among children when schools reopened in the UK in November, could also be because they are at a higher risk from the mutated new strain of the Corona Virus. 

There are some speculations that this new strain of the Virus is far more infectious and that it spreads 70% faster than the original COVID-19. Just like at the beginning of the original COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic outbreak, people are at a loss to know what to do and what the new strain of the Virus would actually do. Various speculations are doing the rounds about the Virus but till we get authentic information from the right sources, we should only continue following all the safety precautions already mandated to us by the health authorities and ensure that we remain safe.