Vanitha Vijayakumar recently announced her breakup with Peter Paul and the duo separated due to personal reasons. Talking in an official statement, Vanitha was hopeful that her life would get better in the coming days. She also added that she is currently undergoing the tough phase of her life. The news created a huge buzz on social media and it has already become the talk of the town. Having said that, Vanitha has now released a new video on her official YouTube channel, explaining in detail about the problem that she’s been facing with Peter Paul. She sounded very emotional and heartbroken and even shed tears at certain moments.

Talking about her current situation, Vanitha said, “I received a lot of missed calls and messages from various people who wanted to check on me. I am so thankful for their care and concern. In a time when my own family doesn’t care, it feels good to see many other people coming together for me. I have been someone who firmly believed in marriage and love, but I guess I am not fortunate enough to enjoy that. I truly loved Peter Paul with all my heart and I was true to him. However, I got cheated. He lied to me that he quit smoking and drinking and instead he became more addicted to it. I am completely lost.

Maybe, I am not lucky with marriages, but that is not the end of life. I will continue to live on for my kids and raise them strong. As a woman, I am hurt and broke and I possibly can’t be active on social media like before. However, I will continue to do my professional work as per the commitments as profession is different from personal. I can now understand, at least 10% of what Elizabeth would’ve gone through. If I had known about his marriage with you, I wouldn’t have married him. I genuinely did not know about the relationship between you both.

Even now, if you are in a position to patch up with him, you can very much talk to him. I am not going to be an interference anymore. I came halfway and I will exit the same way. You can live your life with him,”. Well, it looks like a lot has happened in the last couple of days. We hope Vanitha gains the strength and confidence to lead her life in the coming years. Check out her video below: