People have started to go about their normal lives but not in entirety. We cannot be sure if we would ever be able to go back to being completely normal, as things have changed immensely ever since the outbreak of the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic. Though it seems fancy to use terms like "New Normal", we have to accept the fact that things are indeed different. Also, the unlock measures wherein people can resume going to work or carry on with their businesses, was brought about not because the COVID pandemic has been eradicated but more because our economy cannot take the hit any longer. The government authorities are repeatedly asking people to be very careful and follow all mandatory precautionary measures, whenever they step out of their houses. However, there still seem to be sections of people who are least bothered by any of this.

It has come to light that the Greater Corporation of Chennai authorities have now sealed a very popular textile showroom, for blatantly flouting COVID safety norms! A report states that the Chennai Municipal officers locked and sealed the Kumaran Silks showroom, after a video of huge crowds inside the showroom went viral on social media. The video showed that the shop had not been implementing social distancing norms and had risked the safety of all its' customers. The viral video showed massive crowds inside the shop premises at T. Nagar and there were clear violations of covid protocols, which prompted the authorities to take immediate action and seal the shop.

The most disturbing aspect of the video was that, despite crowding around each other inside the shop, most people were not even seen wearing masks. Reports state that the video which went viral, was shot on October 18th. Recently, a hotel owner was also arrested after his inaugural offer of selling biriyani for just Rs. 10 on the opening day of his hotel, caused huge crowds to gather there. Just like in the case of the textile shop, social distancing and covid protocols were violated, leading to the owner's arrest! After 99 days, only for the past couple of days has the daily new COVID cases count come down below 4000. There have been amazing drops in the overall new corona virus infections as well as massive improvement in the recoveries and the current active cases count has come down rapidly in Tamil Nadu. However, with the festive season right around the corner, it is imperative that all people remain extra cautious and strictly follow all health protocols to ensure that there is no further spike in COVID cases!

Check out the viral video here: