Vanitha Vijayakumar’s husband, Peter Paul was recently admitted to a private hospital in Chennai after he complained of having chest pain. The news created a huge buzz on social media. Vanitha also shared an emotional statement on her Twitter page, stating that this incident is a God’s challenge and assured that things will get alright soon. Vanitha’s well wishers and fans prayed for Peter Paul’s recovery and she thanked them for the support. Having said that, Peter Paul has now fully recovered from all his health problems and is back home in good health. Peter Paul spoke in a new video thanking everyone for the love and support. He also felt emotional about Vanitha’s love for him. The video was uploaded on Vanitha’s official YouTube channel.

Talking in the video, Peter Paul said, “Two days before, I wasn’t feeling well and I was admitted to Porur Ramachandra Hospital. I am now back home with good health and I need to thank all the doctors and the medical staff from the hospital for taking good care of me. I saw quite a few rumours about my health, but nothing of that is true. I am safe and completely alright. My heartfelt thanks to all the well wishers who prayed for my recovery. If I am here today in front of you talking in this video, the main reason is Vanitha. She was there for me throughout the past two days in the hospital. She was like a mother figure to me - she did what a mother would’ve done to her son.

I realised that I’ve got what all I missed in the past and I am happy to have met Vanitha in my life. I was able to recollect my past days when I used to eat unhealthy food outside and lead my life as a bachelor. I am grateful to God for making me meet Vanitha. If not for her, I wouldn’t be here talking to you. I’m unable to express my feelings in words. I am very grateful to her and God,”. Similarly, Vanitha posted on her Twitter page that everything is back to normal. She tweeted, “All is well...back home..”.

Vanitha Vijayakumar and Peter Paul got married on June 27 at Vanitha’s house in the presence of selective guests and family friends. Peter Paul is a VFX supervisor based out of Chennai and has worked in notable biggies in Tamil, Hindi and English. He is currently said to be involved in the process of mounting his debut directorial project which is a sci-fi thriller. Vanitha will be playing an important role in the film. More details will be known close to the commencement of the project. For now, check out Peter Paul’s video below: