Sushant Singh Rajput’s death took everyone by shock and it has been 10 days since his unexpected demise. His death has created a huge discussion on social media and people have started to talk about depression, mental stress, nepotism, etc. Also, a lot of misinformation and fake news have been circulating ever since his death and one such rumour was that his pet dog Fudge died after missing the presence of his master. Posts on social media claimed that Fudge didn’t eat for the past few days due to the absence of Sushant and that resulted in his death.

However, the rumours have been quashed and it has been clarified that the black labrador is doing completely fine and is at Sushant’s residence in Pavna. It is said that all the four dogs of Sushant are alright and official sources have requested the fans not to speculate or spread fake information. A few days back, a picture of Fudge staring at Sushant’s picture went viral on social media and it made the fans very emotional.

The police officials are currently investigating the case to get a better understanding about the suicide. We will have to wait for a few more weeks to get more clarity on the issue. Stay tuned.