Sushant Singh Rajput was found dead at his house in Bandra, Mumbai, on Sunday (June 14) and people have still not come out of the shock. His tragic death has created a big controversy and buzz on social media. Notably, Sushant was suffering from depression for the past few months and was battling with it. He had also shared in one of his earlier interviews that he doesn’t have friends in Bollywood and is always not invited for any parties or get-together events. Following his death, the fans have been strongly condemning the practice of nepotism which is widely spread in Bollywood.

The entire social media is abuzz about it and fans are making the impact felt with trending hashtags like ‘#JusticeForSushantSinghRajput’. Meanwhile, actor Prakash Raj has shared a video on his social media page and in this throwback video, we see Sushant Singh Rajput talking about the existence of nepotism culture and how it could possibly affect people who come up with sheer talent. If you notice, Sushant is on the verge of letting his tears flow down as his words are filled with hard emotions.

While sharing the video, Prakash Raj said he was a victim himself, but fortunately survived the nepotism wave, a few years back. This tweet has gone viral among the fans who are sharing this video on their timelines. It indeed looks like Sushant was deeply hurt and affected by something for the past few months. Let us hope and pray that he rests in peace, now. Check out Prakash Raj’s tweet below: