A young man jumped off the Gandhipuram bridge in Coimbatore after allegedly going through family and mental issues leading to his instant death. The incident has caused major shock among the people of the city with initial reports now suggesting the deceased was a Premkumar aged 25 coming from the Rathinapuri area. It is being said that Premkumar had been facing issues with his family and as a result had stormed out of his house in anger on his two wheeler. 

Soon after, Premkumar's family members had filed a complaint at the Rathinapuri police station after no news was heard from him. In a short while after that, information was passed on to the police that a person on a two wheeler, which had a registration number TN 66 S 6262, had parked the vehicle after which he had killed himself by jumping off the Gandhipuram bridge.

The police had suspected the individual could be Premkumar and rushed to the Gandhipuram bridge with his family members who went on to confirm that the person dead was indeed him. Investigations conducted so far have revealed that Premkumar had recently been apprehended by the police for selling liquor in his car illegally during the lockdown while also being deemed mentally unstable. He was released later after taking note of his mental condition. More investigations are said to be underway as the police have sent the retrieved body for an autopsy.