Anbe Sivam is considered to be a cult classic in Tamil cinema though the film wasn’t celebrated during its release in 2003. The story of the film was written by Kamal Haasan and it was veteran Malayalam film director Priyadharshan who was supposed to direct the film. In fact, the film started with Priyadharshan’s direction who later opted out of the project owing to creative differences.  He was replaced by Sundar C, who agreed to co-produce the film as well in association with three others under the banner Lakshmi Movie Makers. The film is loved and cherished by so many today but it was a unsuccesful project when it hit the screens. Anbe Sivam had Kamal Haasan, Madhavan and Kiran Rathod in the lead roles with Nassar, Santhana Bharathi, Seema and Uma Riyaz Khan playing supporting characters. 
Actress Khushboo has now made a shocking revelation that her husband Sundar C had to sit at home for 2 years because of Anbe Sivam’s commercial failure. “Wish the film (Anbe Sivam) had done commercially well.. my husband wouldn’t sit at home for 2 yrs after that..” When a fan contradicted to Khushboo’s statement saying Sundar C had 2 releases soon after Anbe Sivam, the Chinna Thambi actress clarified saying - “Winner was shot in 2001 n released late. Giri was r own production, forced to start after the debacle of Anbe Sivam..Giri released in Oct 2004 n Anbe sivam in Jan 2003. Almost 2yrs. So romba adhiga prasangithanam panna vendaam thambi.. arivaali nenanchittu muttaala theriyuringe.” 
It must be noted that it was that phase when Sundar C changed his track to acting. He has acted in close to 15 films as a lead hero in a span of 15 years. He has had a few hits under his name as a hero as well. His concentration is back to direction now, he is currently working on the pre-production work for Aranmanai 3 which would start rolling soon after the lockdown ends.