Popular Malayalam TV serial and film actress Manju Stanley, known for her appearances in supporting characters, passed away due to COVID-19 complications on May 26 in Trivandrum. The news of Manju's death has left many fans heartbroken and sad, including TV actor Kishor Satya, who penned a heartfelt emotional statement in memory of his late co-star. Taking to his social media pages, Kishor posted a picture of Manju and wrote, "I received a call from our show’s director Ansar Khan last night and he told me that Manju, who played the role of the house owner, is no more. A part of me wanted to believe that it was fake news despite it being the truth."

Kishor further added, "This morning, I saw several news portals and updates regarding Manju and it came as a surprise to me that she was the daughter of Pattom Stanley, someone whom I know quite well. I called him up in the hope that the news being told about Manju would turn out to be false. But, what he said next broke my heart. Her chirpy talks and radiant smile will no longer be there at our shooting location." He then went on to request everyone to stay safe during the pandemic and wrote, "Dear people, we were fooling ourselves into thinking that COVID-19 reached only our neighborhood. But, I request you to please be aware of the high-risk situation around as it is entering our homes as well. The news and stories of oxygen scarcity are not only to be seen and heard in Mumbai or Delhi. It is the same in Kerala too. Please be cautious. It is the only way to secure our dear ones."