Dhanush's Jagame Thandhiram is gearing up for its release on June 18 and the fans are eagerly waiting for the d-day. Ahead of the release, the team of Jagame Thandhiram are busily involved in the online promotions. As part of the same, Galatta Media got in touch with director Karthik Subbaraj and actress Aishwarya Lekshmi for an exclusive interview. During the interview, Karthik Subbaraj revealed that quite a few scenes and songs have been deleted from Jagame Thandhiram's final version. He also assured that the deleted scenes will be released later. Talking about it, he said, "Yes, we have removed a lot of scenes.

After confirming that the movie is going to arrive on an OTT platform, we decided to remove the songs as it was not a necessity. I do not know if Aishwarya (Lekshmi) knows, but we have removed the 'Nethu' video song. Even 'Bujji' video song is removed from the movie. Both the songs will not be there in the movie and it would be better if the fans do not watch the film expecting to see them. Also, we can say that I am not fully trained yet to shoot what is exactly needed. I cannot take only the needed ones. A scene would have appealed great in the writing and the scene would've been shot really well, as well. But when we see it in a film, it might not be good.

Only when we place the scene in the final edit, we will get an idea about it. Also, runtime is an important aspect. We cannot make a 3 hour long film these days. During last year's first lockdown, I made Vivek Harshan come here to my place and we sat together for all the 21 days and worked on the final trimming. It is probably one of the most challenging works to do as we may be put in a situation to remove a scene or sequence that we liked the most. Deleted scenes are definitely there in Jagame Thandhiram and we will release them after the movie's release. 'Rakita Rakita' song is there in the movie. That is not removed".

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