Before venturing into cinema as a music director with Aambala, Hiphop Tamizha (Adhi and Jeeva) got their initial career breakthrough with the independent music album called Hiphop Tamizhan which released in 2012. This album was a commercial success and all the songs (especially Club Le Mabbu Le and Iraiva)turned out to be a huge hit. Hiphop Tamizha became a sensation among the youngsteres and there has been no look back since then. The grand success of the album paved the way for the composers duo to enter cinema and they composed music for films like Aambala, Indru Netru Naalai, Thani Oruvan, Kavan, Meesaya Murukku, Imaikkaa Nodigal, Natpe Thunai, Comali, Naan Sirithal, etc.

The talented composers duo have now returned back to their roots and are ready with their next independent music album which is called Naa Oru Alien. The full album will be released on August 15 and one can be sure that it will be a musical feast for the fans. As already announced, the first single from the album has now been released and this single is called ‘Net Ah Thorandha’. The song is fun and trendy and has got the potential elements to reach the masses.

The lyrics of this song, penned by Hiphop Tamizha Adhi, talks about the online negativity and hatred that is widespread. The song also talks about the importance of humanity, adding that it is the need of the hour more than anything else. For those who are active on social media would definitely know about it and will relate more to the song. The lyric video has some interesting graphics and animations, thanks to Venky. We can hope ‘Net ah Thorandha’ to top the charts for the next few weeks.

Popular music label Think Music has acquired the audio rights of this album and the song has been released on their official YouTube channel. The song has been released on the other audio streaming platforms as well. One can be sure that this album will be a good source of entertainment for the fans amidst the pandemic. Check out the newly released ‘Net ah Thorandha’ single from Hiphop Tamizha’s Naa Oru Alien album below: