Director Duo Pushkar - Gayathri, best known for their work in Vikram Vedha, have created a Tamil web series, Suzhal - The Vortex, which is now out on Amazon Prime Video. The series has been registering a good response and we can expect the show to garner more attention in the days to come. Suzhal - The Vortex is an investigative crime thriller that has multiple other angles to it. Directed by Bramma and Anucharan M, Suzhal - The Vortex features Aishwarya Rajesh, Kathir, Sriya Reddy, and R Parthiban in the lead roles, with Santhana Bharathi, Elango Kumaravel, Nivedhithaa Sathish, and others forming the supporting cast.

We've seen Suzhal - The Vortex and we can comfortably call it one of the best web series to have come out from the Tamil entertainment industry. The series has a majority of the things that work in its favor, thereby delivering a riveting watching experience for the audience. Suzhal - The Vortex is a series that has many hidden details to notice and we thought we will share some of them with you. Considering the fact that the series is just out, we do not want to reveal or talk about any scene in particular as that would act as a spoiler. Instead, we shall address the topics.

The story of Suzhal - The Vortex takes place in a remote village called Sambaloor, where everyone knows everyone. On a fateful night, a local cement factory catches fire. Shanmugam (Parthiban) is the Union Leader of the Factory who stands up for his workers against the management of the factory, hence he is considered to be one of the suspects behind the fire accident. On the other hand, Shanmugam's younger daughter, Nila goes missing, around the same time frame. Do both these incidents have anything in common and how did CI Regina (Sriya Reddy), CI Sakkarai (Kathir) resolve the mystery forms the crux of Suzhal - The Vortex.

Now, talking about the hidden details, the most interesting aspect of Suzhal - The Vortex lies in its writing. You don't find the answer linearly. The characters do not get to the point easily. Creators Pushkar and Gayathri manage to leave the Easter eggs in regular intervals for the audiences to find out and there is brilliance on a consistent level in the writing. Nothing is actually straightforward in Suzhal - The Vortex. You, as a viewer, are made to assume something, and later, when the hidden mystery is revealed, you are taken aback. The pay-offs are quite well done, actually.

The other notable point that you might not realize is that no character in Suzhal - The Vortex is actually completely good or completely evil. Every character has two sides to them. You see Shanmugam (Parthiban) fighting for the rights of his workers, but we also see him as a short-tempered, sensitive man who doesn't really care about his estranged wife or daughters. Even a strong Regina has vulnerability issues.

One of the important aspects that one might have missed to notice is that Suzhal - The Vortex has a lot of close-up shots. The tight close-up shots signify the importance of the emotion and the impact is literally felt. The low-angle shots have also been effectively used. Suzhal - The Vortex, as the title suggests, is intertwined with many subplots, layers, and suspense. When the knots are untied one after another, you tend to become engrossed. The series also constantly focuses on the differences between tolerance and prejudice, visibility and hidden, and more.

When you think Suzhal - The Vortex to be a regular investigative crime drama, Pushkar-Gayathri, Bramma, and Anucharan M surprise you by delving deep into many bold topics. The series talks about child abuse, captures the trauma that a young girl would experience, while also delving into topics like feminism, spirituality, discrimination among gods, and much more. The series also explores human psychology in different layers and one might not happen to notice it while watching it. It is like these hidden elements that make you feel Suzhal - The Vortex is a series that deserves a watch.

Suzhal - The Vortex also has a solid screenplay that has multiple layers that holds your attention. The series effectively captures the concept of 'Mythology meets reality' through Kathir's character and multiple other characters. Every single supporting character in the series gets at least one scene to prove their mettle as a performer and all of them shine beautifully. While watching Suzhal - The Vortex, you tend to realize that what you actually see isn't really the truth. As already said, every character has a different side to them and the writers cleverly make sure that they are tough to crack.

While these are some of the interesting hidden elements or themes in the series, you have loads more and you'd know about it while watching. Suzhal - The Vortex ticks all the boxes that one would expect in a web series and with so many Easter eggs being offered and suspense maintained, you are sure to be engrossed watching this. Catch it on Amazon Prime Video right now!