Acclaimed directors duo Pushkar - Gayatri have created a new web series in Tamil with the title, Suzhal: The Vortex and the series is all set to stream on Amazon Prime Video from June 17. The series will be available to stream on Prime Video from June 17 and we are just 10 days away from witnessing it from the comfort of our homes. Suzhal: The Vortex is directed by popular Tamil filmmakers Bramma (Kuttrame Kadithal fame) and Anucharan (Kirumi fame) and written by Pushkar - Gayatri, who have also produced it under the banner of Wall Watcher Films.

Aishwarya Rajesh and Kathir play the lead roles in this film that has Sriya Reddy and Radhakrishnan Parthiban in supporting roles. Earlier today (June 7), the makers officially released the trailer of the series on YouTube and it looks highly promising and intriguing. The trailer gives us a sneak peek of what this series is about and it looks like an intriguing content is on its way. A girl, Aishwarya Rajesh's younger sister, Nila goes missing and there is a fire accident in a factory. What do these two incidents have in common? We have Kathir, the police officer at the helm to solve the mystery.

From what we see, it looks like this series will keep the audiences on the edge of their seats and when you know that the product is from the creators of Vikram Vedha, you can be rest assured of the quality of the project. Prime Video, in its official synopsis of the series, stated, "Suzhal - The Vortex is a crime thriller that goes beyond the routine investigation and threatens to shake up the cultural societal fabric, when a crime hits a small town India. Set against the backdrop of a unique micro-festival, ancient myths collide with the troubling present as we are drawn into the eye of the storm".