Acclaimed Tamil filmmaker Vasantabalan, who recently finished production work on his upcoming film starring Master fame Arjun Das and Sarpatta Paramabarai heroine Dushara Vijayan, had shared the news a few days back that he had tested positive for COVID-19. Known for his films like Veyil, Angadi Theru and Kaaviya Thalaivan, Vasantabalan has now in a detailed note on his Facebook page shared his experience on the effects of the disease, while also informing fans that he has finally been shifted to a normal ward after 20 days of hospitalization in a COVID-19 ward. 

Taking to his Facebook page, Vasantabalan penned a detailed statement that is as follows: 

"On April 21, I had gotten hospitalized after I tested positive for COVID-19 and the infection's effects on my body had intensified. It was truly a testing time as the disease had taken a serious toll on my health despite the best efforts of the doctors and nurses in the hospital. However, thanks to the constant supervision of the medical practitioners, relentless efforts of my friends, proper care of the doctors and nurses, I have managed to ward off the big danger and have now been shifted to the normal ward. The doctors have informed me that I can get discharged and go home next week. I have made this recovery also because of my family, friends, my mentors, directors, my film industry friends and all those faces I have never seen before. It is a blessing to live in a world where there is so much love. I am coming to live once again." 

Vasantabalan will be looking to resume work on completing his film with Arjun Das and Dushara, which he himself has produced along with his friends under the Urban Boyz Studios production banner. Likewise, the hit director also awaits the release of his long-delayed Jail, starring G. V. Prakash Kumar and Abarnathi in the lead roles.