As we all know, director Bala’s version of Arjun Reddy remake was scrapped by its producer Mukesh Ratilal Mehta since he wasn’t completely satisfied with the product. Later, the makers made Adithya Varma with a fresh team and that happened to be Dhruv Vikram’s debut outing as an actor. Dhruv received good reviews from the critics for his performance in Adithya Varma and it gave him the right kind of start in Tamil cinema. Since the beginning of this year, there were various reports and speculations that producer Mukesh Ratilal Mehta is planning to release Bala’s version of Varma directly on an OTT platform. This came as exciting news for the film buffs who were eager to know why the film was scrapped in the first place. There were various reports about the film’s OTT release plans.

Following a long wait, here is an exciting announcement about the release of Bala’s Varma. Yes! It has been officially announced that the film will have a direct OTT release on Simply South OTT platform on October 6, which is just 5 days away. Simply South is an entertainment streaming platform that streams South Indian films for the overseas audience. The app is not available for the Indian residents. People outside India can watch Bala’s version of Varma on October 6. Details regarding the Indian OTT release plans are yet to be officially revealed and the fans are eagerly waiting for better clarity.

Varma is the official Tamil remake of Vijay Deverakonda’s Arjun Reddy and it features debutant Megha Chowdhury playing the female lead. Kaala fame Eswari Rao, Raiza Wilson, Akash Premkumar and others form the supporting cast. The film has music scored by Radhan and cinematography by M Sukumar. During the making of Varma, it was said that the film would be quite different from Bala's usual treatment. It is indeed good to know that the audience would now get to see Bala's version of the remake. Bala is known for extracting strong performances from his actors and it is going to be interesting to see how his collaboration with Dhruv Vikram has fared. Since there are just five days for the release, the team may have to plan the release of the promotional materials in this period. 

Let us keep our fingers crossed and wait for the announcement regarding the release plans in India. Stay tuned.