In these COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic times, it is the doctors and healthcare officials and other frontline workers who are our first line of defence against the deadly Virus. Even otherwise, people in general consider doctors and medical workers to be akin to god! However, the apathy shown by a few of these people brings shame to the whole profession. We have now come to know of one such case from God's Own Country - Kerala! A 55-year-old man named Anil Kumar, a daily wage labourer, had been admitted to a hospital on August 21st after he suffered a fall and became bedridden. However, as his condition worsened, he was shifted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

While in the ICU, Anil Kumar tested positive for the Corona Virus. His family was asked to move into quarantine and the hospital authorities assured that Anil Kumar himself was being given adequate treatment and was well taken care of, as stated by his daughter Anjana. Later, Anil Kumar's son Abhilash stated, "The medical college officials informed us that our father's condition has become stable and that they would discharge him." He added, "The authorities allotted a nurse in an ambulance after he was discharged, but once he was shifted to bed at our residence, we found maggots." Anil Kumar's family members were shocked to find live maggots in bed sores on his body.

On coming to know of the pathetic condition Anil Kumar was in, his family members registered a complaint with the Kerala Health Minister KK Shailaja. On receiving the complaint, the Minister immediately ordered a probe into this issue. She also issued a statement, telling, "The Director of the Department of Medical Education has been asked to probe the incident and file a report. We will ensure proper treatment for Anil Kumar." Anil Kumar's family members also allege that he has lost a lot of weight and that his ribs are visible and stated that the condition of injuries on him show that he was not been taken care of properly. Let's hope the medical authorities take proper care to ensure that he recuperates well and no such incident is repeated again!