C. Elamaran, or known more prominently among fans as 'Blue Sattai' Maran for his film reviews, is set to make his debut in Tamil cinema as a filmmaker, with the upcoming venture, Anti-Indian. Less than a week back, the motion poster for Maran's Anti-Indian was released on his own YouTube channel, Tamil Talkies. Earlier, Maran had tweeted on his Twitter page that he has approached the Censor Board's revising committee for reconsideration of their decision after they had banned his film after watching it last month. They had stated that the film had objectionable dialogues and scenes and asked Maran to remove the said content from the final cut. 

According to latest reports, Anti-Indian was watched by the revising committee members, who asked the makers to have 38 cuts in the film. The team has been informed that a U/A certification will be extended only after the said 38 dialogues and scenes are chopped off from the film's final version. Produced by Adham Bava under the Moon Pictures banner, Anti-Indian was sent to the Re-Revising committee, with the team informing them that removing the scenes and dialogues will result in the story becoming incoherent as they will affect the flow and continuity of the other big important sequences. Producer Adham Bava has now said that they will be making yet another appeal to the Re-Revising committee or even approach the Court, if need be. He has stated that he has firm belief that he will be getting a favorable verdict, while also adding that Anti-Indian will come out in theatres without any major cuts as he has always hoped for. 

Anti-Indian has now become the third film after Udta Punjab and Padmaavat in Hindi to receive these many cuts from the Censor Board. The film's motion poster that had come out a few days back generated quite a lot of debate on social media in regard to the content of the film and what fans could expect when it comes out.