Rio Raj is one of the contestants in the ongoing season of Bigg Boss Tamil which will have its grand finale in the next ten days. The show which started with 16 original contestants and 2 wildcard entrants, now has only 7 people and among these, 5 of them will be qualifying for the finals. Rio is considered to be a strong contender to be one of the finalists and his game is also progressing towards the path. The housemates are currently participating in the ‘Ticket to finale’ task and as of now, Rio leads the points table. We will know the final results by the end of this week, but Rio’s active participation in the tasks and his light-hearted character has won a lot of hearts.

However, at the same time, there were also certain criticisms against him. A certain section of the audience felt that Rio is not playing a fair game and criticized his actions in the house. We even saw housemates like Anitha Sampath and Aari pointing out his mistakes. People who hated or did not like Rio’s game started addressing him as a Comali. But, Rio’s wife, Sruthi Ravi seem to take it sportively. Yes! Sruthi took it positively and gave a striking reply to all the opposition. She mentioned that she is happy to be with a man who could hide his pain and yet make people laugh during tough times.

Sruthi’s official reply read, “I see some comments that try to defame him by saying comali. I’m actually glad! I’m proud to love someone who does his best to make others laugh even while hiding his pain! You shine beyond hatred my dear! Remain a comali. Be an inspiration! #weloverio. Comali is the most prestigious title to an entertainer. Actually, having fun and making someone laugh isn't really easy. To those saying Rio as Comali you guys indirectly praising his humour sense! True entertainer. Spread love and positivity. Shine beyond hatred Rio Raj. #WeLoveYouRio”. This statement from Sruthi indeed shows her maturity and it has got a good reception from Rio’s fans. Rio has managed to hold a good amount of positivity in the house and his support is growing well on social media.

When a fan commented saying Aari is fake, Sruthi Ravi stopped him and told him not to defame any other contestant. “Support rio.. but pls lets not defame any contestant here. :) aari anna is also a good human being :) I saw that when I went inside :) everyone is just playing their game..”, Sruthi tweeted. Sruthi had met Rio and other housemates last week, as part of the freeze task and her portion was fun-filled and emotional.