Bigg Boss is slowly starting to gain good momentum and we've been witnessing a lot of interesting incidents inside the house. There is an exciting competition that is going on between 16 contestants and we will have to wait and see how the further game pans out. Today's episode will be a followup of last night's task where housemates have been divided into two teams, one as the Royal King family and other one as a Demon family. In today's earlier released promo, it looked as if Suresh unknowingly hit Sanam Shetty on her forehead. This created a huge fight inside the house and Sanam Shetty lost her cool. She went on to the extent of addressing Suresh as 'Da' and asked him to come out and talk to her. However, Suresh did not want to blow up the issue and instead remained silent.

Having said that, the third and final promo of tonight's episode has now been released and in this promo, we see Suresh Chakravarthy breaking down into tears for the very first time. Ever since the show began, the fans have not seen Suresh Chakravarthy crying and he has been someone who takes everything in the spirit of the game. For the first ever time, he is seen shedding tears and he cries to Bigg Boss inside the confession room. Going by the promo, Suresh says he was not aware of Sanam's presence there and feels sorry for it.

He also adds that he was immature today in certain ways. People are not used to seeing Suresh cry and hence this promo has already created a huge buzz on social media. It looks like tonight's episode will have a high viewership especially to know what is brewing between Sanam Shetty and Suresh Chakravarthy. Since Suresh cries inside the confession room, it is unlikely that the other housemates would know about it. Let us wait until 9.30 PM tonight to see what the show has in store for us. Check out the newly released promo video here: