Steven Spielberg’s father Arnold Spielberg who was a pioneering computer designer passed away on the 25th of August. He was 103 years old. Arnold was the one who encouraged his only son, Steven Spielberg, to become a filmmaker. Arnold Spielberg died Tuesday of natural causes in Los Angeles, his family announced. In 1960, Arnold Spielberg helped design the GE-225 mainframe computer that enabled researchers at Dartmouth College to develop the coding tool known as BASIC, which ushered in the era of personal computers. Steven was with his father on the night of his death. He in a statement about his father said, “You are our hearth. You are our home.” He also said of his father, who was an engineer at General Electric, “When I see a PlayStation, when I look at a cell phone — from the smallest calculator to an iPad — I look at my dad and I say, ‘My dad and a team of geniuses started that.” In addition to Steven, he had three daughters, Anne, Nancy and Sue. In a joint statement, Spielberg’s children said their father taught them to “love to research, expand their mind, keep their feet on the ground, but reach for the stars and look up.” 

After more than a century of contributions and commitment to his family, friends, and career, Arnold Meyer Spielberg,...

Posted by Amblin on Tuesday, 25 August 2020

Spielberg was born on Feb. 6, 1917, in Cincinnati, Ohio, and soon developed a passion for learning and innovation. At age 6, he turned his family’s attic into a makeshift lab and crafted inventions, inviting his friends over to hold onto the electrodes of a shock machine he made out of wiring batteries together. At age 12, he got his first ham radio, which opened the door to a lifetime of sharing stories with strangers over the airwaves. In December of 1941, Spielberg enlisted as a sergeant in the Army, going on to work as a radio operator and chief communications man for the 490th Bomb Squadron, also known as the “Burma Bridge Busters.” When Spielberg returned from the war in 1945, he married Leah Posner, who was a talented concert pianist, and Steven was born the following year. Their children grew up in an environment that encouraged both logical reasoning and marching to the beat of their own drums. Spielberg returned to school and received a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Cincinnati.  
We express our deepest condolences to the family of the departed.