Former actress Richa Gangopadhyay married her business school classmate Joe Langella in December last year after she retired from cinema in 2013. She pursued her Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Washington University and met Joe Langella, a former veteran of the United States Army. Richa, who is currently focusing on a long-term career in business management, has now in a series of tweets issued a statement to view her beyond her time in the film industry and not be defined by just her acting career. 

Her tweets are as follows: "It's clear that my Twitter followers just expect me- someone who quit acting 8+ years ago- to continue living in a fantasy world and keep talking about my films and share "cute pictures" without having any real regard for my life beyond what I offered as an actor... (1/4)". She added, "But if you are only interested in objectifying me for your entertainment needs, and don't actually give a crap about my thoughts, values or who I am as a person beyond my 5-yr  film career, there's no reason you should be wasting your time following me. (2/4)". She continued, "I appreciate those of you who actually respectfully engage with the 34 yr old woman who has gained *some* wisdom from her eclectic life experiences and changing careers several times, on the quest for fulfilling her purpose. I'm not defined by my acting career- 5 of 34 yrs. (3/4)". In conclusion, she said, "Thank you to those who continue to inspire me, and are inspired by my life journey. I have opinions, I have values, and I have my own damn life to prioritize over continuously feeding peoples' voyeuristic needs. So if you see value in me as a person, happy to have you here (4/4)".

When a Twitter user told Richa she was introduced to them through cinema, she informed, "No one is undermining it. But I wish you could be in my shoes to see how incredibly stifling and suffocating it is for complete strangers to have constant expectations about you based on what your public persona/on screen character was, and unsolicited judgment. From strangers." She also stated, "Again, acting was one small chapter in my life. People who call themselves "fans" should probably be admirers of a person for more than one aspect of their life or personality. But maybe that's just my unreasonable thinking"

Richa Langella made headlines first when she emerged as the winner of the Miss India USA 2007 pageant after which she debuted in the Telugu film Leader in 2009 opposite Rana Daggubati. She gained immense popularity among Tamil cinema audiences after starring in director Selvaraghavan's smash hit, Mayakkam Enna, in 2011, opposite Dhanush with many giving their double thumbs up for her performance and was then seen in the same year in Simbu's Osthi