Vanitha recently got married to an aspiring film director Peter Paul who still hasn’t divorced his first wife Elizabeth Helen. A series of heated arguments are taking place between Helen and Vanitha regarding this issue. When we spoke to Helen on what she wants from her husband and why is she making a big fuss about this after the wedding happened, she replied - “I got to know about his wedding on the 18th of June. I was getting calls from my friends telling me my husband is going to get married to Vanitha. I don’t know anything about YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. So, I didn’t know about the rumour. But when my friends told me about it, I asked my son to call his father and check if it’s true. When my son called him, he said, no that’s not true, it is just a rumour and asked my son not to believe the news. He also added that he will come and talk to me in person on the 18th of June. He said he will come by 4 PM but eventually reach home by 6 PM. He came with some random person claiming him to be a friend who works in a media. That guy was recording what I was talking. How can that person record my personal conversation? I let him inside with the trust of my husband. During that conversation, he told me that unfortunately, ‘the news is on all media, we cannot change what has happened, so we are going to make the false news true. So, I am going to divorce you, what is your expectation? How much do you want from me?’ He told me this on my face and I was shocked, have never been in this situation before. So, I didn’t know how to react.  
Then on the very next day, I went to the police station and filed a complaint against him for planning to get married again when his first marriage hasn’t ended. The next day, when the police interrogated both of us, he told them that he won’t get married but he wanted to divorce me. He told the police that he spoke to my mother and got her approval. How can someone else decide my life? Even if it is my mother. My mother too is not ok with this marriage but when she was asked all of a sudden, she agreed to the deal in haste. I didn’t seek the help of the media because I was trusting the cops plus I don’t how anybody from the media? Even on the day of the wedding, I called the police and informed them about the illegal marriage, but they ignored my words saying they can take action only after the marriage gets official.  
They ask me to go and talk to Vanitha regarding this issue, why should I talk to her? I know Vanitha can go to any extent, she is capable of that. I will not talk to someone who keeps lying all the time. I can only talk to the police. I don’t want to talk about her, maybe her son who lives in London, who has distanced himself from his own mother for 10 years, he can maybe say how bad Vanitha is. Vanitha’s own father took her son and left him in his father’s custody. That boy can talk about Vanitha but my kids won’t talk bad about me like the way Vanitha’s kids do. My son knows that struggle that I have gone through. I have brought up my kids facing great difficulties. I am not doing this for money, but they keep damaging my name that I am seeking publicity to gain monetary benefits from them which is not true. All I need now is my kids want a father, if he wants a divorce, he can meet me in court.”