The much loved and widely celebrated TV show, Cook with Comali: Season 2 ended on April 14 and the show's end made the fans emotional. The show was a big source of happiness, positivity, and fun for a lot of people and it turned out to be one of the biggest hits in Vijay TV's history. Though it was a cookery show in the first place, we also happened to see a lot of heartwarming relationships between the contestants. Some of the interesting bonds that we got to see in the show include a brother-sister (Pugazh - Sivaangi), son - mother (Pugazh - Shakeela), father-son (Chef Damu - Pugazh), best friends (Pugazh - Ashwin), and many more.

When we are talking about bonds, we can never leave out the relationship between Ashwin and Sivaangi. Sivaangi was someone who stood by Ashwin throughout the show and she always liked him. The duo's beautiful rapport was adored and loved by the majority of the audience. It also gave Ashwin a wider reach among the masses. However, at the same time, a section of audience felt that their relationship could be scripted and not real. To those who were in doubt if the show was scripted, here is the answer for you. Cook with Comali was planned and executed by a media production company named Media Masons for Vijay TV and the founder of the company, Ravoofa gave an important clarfication about it.

Talking in an exclusive interview with Galatta Media, Ravoofa (of Media Masons) said, "We have never gone ahead with a plan for a show. We spend the whole day with these people and so we know how they behave in each situation. We just planned to capture those moments. When these people are together for the whole day in a set, bonds tend to happen. Sivaangi is a college going girl and it is obvious that a girl of her age would have a crush or general admiration on a good-looking guy, and that was Ashwin. Sivaangi can never control excitement and we just captured it. It was with the flow and we never had any script, as such. Sivaangi can never act the way we ask her to. So, we leave it to her flow,".

If you want to know more about the making of Cook with Comali, the full interview of Ravoofa and Sivaangi can be watched below: