Syed Rohith is a name that is being widely used on social media and he has been actively involved in bringing justice to actress Chitra's death. Television actress Chitra, also known as, Chithu VJ died on the early hours of December 9, 2020, to everyone’s shock. The news took everyone aback and there were several mysteries behind her demise. Though it was confirmed through postmortem reports that Chitra died by suicide and there were no foul plays, still Chitra’s mother claimed Hemnath to be one of the reasons for her daughter’s death. Hemnath was Chitra’s husband and the duo had a registered marriage in October 2020.

After a series of investigations with several people associated to Chitra, her husband Hemnath was arrested by the Police and he is currently in prison. The case is still in Court and a final judgement is yet to be given. Very recently, Hemnath’s close friend named Syed Rohith came into the picture and revealed some of the shocking secrets about his friend. Despite being a friend and having known Hemnath for the past 10 years, Rohith is supporting Chitra and wants to get justice for her death since he claims her to be an innocent soul. In an exclusive interview with Galatta Media, Rohith revealed some of the shocking incidents that happened between Hemnath and Chitra.

Rohith stated that Hemnath was always possessive about Chitra and did not like anyone else touching her, despite knowing that she is an actor. Rohith mentioned that he and his wife stayed along with Chitra and Hemnath at a house in T Nagar and when the couples stayed together, there were many times when fights happened between Hemnath and Chitra. Rohith adds that Hemnath used to beat Chitra and hurt her both physically and mentally. He also adds that Chitra was emotionally blackmailed on several occasions. Apparently, Hemnath was pissed off when he got to know that a first night scene was shot in the Pandian Stores serial and he was too harsh on Chitra about it.

Rohith also claimed Hemnath to be a psychotic person, adding that he was consulting a psychiatrist for the same. Chitra also supposedly accompanied Hemnath during some of his visits to the doctor. During the interview, Rohith also shared a few unseen pictures of Hemnath and Chitra. Follow the links below to watch the full interview of Rohith here: