Model and former Bigg Boss Tamil contestant Abhirami Venkatachalam lashed out at a specific group of people via her Instagram Stories for "slut shaming" by writing obscene articles for a photo she had posed a few years back. Abhirami, who proved her mettle in acting in her powerful performance in 'Thala' Ajith's blockbuster courtroom drama Nerkonda Paarvai in 2019, in her Instagram Stories called out the people for resorting to writing inappropriate articles and stated that their actions were a reason for a number if celebrity suicides. Posting her story with the hashtags "Stop Slut Shaming", "I will stand for me" and "Even if no one does", the Bigg Boss Tamil season 3 sensation revealed the level of mental and emotional trauma she has been going through after coming across such articles online. 

Posting the old photo of herself in her Instagram story, Abhirami stated that she was not going to share the article citing that it would only end up making those behind it popular. She also wrote informing those people to mind their own business and said that she has been treated with a lot more dignity in her profession as a model in comparison to the jobs of the people behind the said articles. Abhirami further said that she has a mother and a brother to look after her even if she doesn't work or earn, while adding that she has no necessity to sell herself. 

"The picture that I took in 2016 is getting famous now, wow social media fools have no other job .. won’t share the article cos dont wanna make you ba*tards famous. but you know what this out fit looks nice on me imagine yourself your own mom will hang herself.. vera edavdu vela irunda poi parunga .. even if I don’t even work or earn I have a mother and brother to take care of me. I don’t have to sell myself ps- not offending anyone A.. so chill, and by the way ungalamadri aduthavangala manabangapaduthra pozhapavida my Modeling job is more dignified..", Abhirami Venkatachalam’s post stated. Check out the screenshot of her story below: 

Abhirami then in another Story wrote, "People who keep quite by seeing all this And ppl who encourage all this are the prime reasons for the celebs to take their life off. bravo Aprom avanga savulayum videos write ups potu sambadikardu.. Inda pozhapukku nengellam ** Now don’t tell don’t react, "unaku nadanda theriyum" is my reply." Below is the screenshot: