Mumbai police have been interrogating people known to Sushant Singh Rajput in connection to his suicide case. Recently, a popular Bollywood house had reported that the police had questioned actor’s psychiatrist Kesari Chavda who allegedly revealed that Sushant regretted breaking up with Ankita Lokhande and he couldn’t sleep during the night due to depression and has strange thoughts and used to think that he had a bipolar mind. The report also suggested that the psychiatrist even claimed that the actor was not happy with the girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty’s behaviour. However, it was later clarified that Kesari Chavda wasn’t questioned by the police in the first place. When a journalist had asked Mumbai DCP Abhishek Trimukhe if the reports on Sushant’s bipolar disorder statement were true on WhatsApp, he replied saying the doctors have not been questioned it. Here is the snapshot of DCP’s WhatsApp. 

Meanwhile, for the past two days, doctor Kesari Chavda has been slammed by Sushant Singh’s fans based on fake reports for comments that he had not even made. The doctor took to his Facebook page to clarify the issue - “DCP zone 9... Abhishek Trimukhe....under whose preview I spoke for all of three minutes... had made this statement to the media... which was conveniently not posted. So... I have not even made a statement It is incredible how much filth there is in the media.. wherein the most basic “confidentiality issue” between a client and a therapist.. is just trampled upon with great impunity. So.. Dr Chavda.. the infamous one... has done nothing that could have caused so much of anguish and heartache in people. Dr. Chavda is a professional.. who is ethical. Dr. Chavda is known to maintain confidentiality. I hope this also goes far and wide. Thank god for professionals like DCP Abhishek.. who is aware of the tenets of client- dr privileged communication. On my request.. he was kind enough to send me this snapshot!!