Tamil Nadu government on Saturday released a new media bulletin in regard to the state's response to tackling the novel coronavirus. The government's latest announcement has revealed that 2,396 new COVID-19 positive cases have been recorded on June 20 with the state's total rising to 56,845. The worst affected district in the state, Chennai, has registered 1,254 coronavirus cases today with the total in the biggest district in Tamil Nadu now reaching 39,641. Furthermore, 32,186 tests were carried out across the state today, which is the highest to date carried out by the Tamil Nadu government, with the total number of tests conducted reaching 8,61,211. 

The day also witnessed 38 people succumbing to the deadly effects of the coronavirus with the state's death toll scaling up to 704. On the other hand, the past 24 hours has seen improvement on the recovery front with 1,045 patients getting discharged taking the total number of people recuperating from the infection to 31,316. 

Below is the overall coronavirus statistics in Tamil Nadu on June 20th: