Popular VJ turned actor Rio Raj is currently inside the Bigg Boss house and he is one of the 15 contestants who are part of the game right now. Rio's wife Sruthi celebrated her birthday yesterday (November 17) and she received wishes from her well-wishers and the fans. Rio and Sruthi happen to be one of the most loved celebrity couples who have a pretty good fan following on social media. Rio shared his birthday wish for his wife, Sruthi through Bigg Boss and it was aired towards the end of last night's episode.

Talking through the Bigg Boss camera, Rio said, "This is your first birthday after the marriage where we are not together. All for good. I miss you so much. Whenever you feel like talking to me or miss me, talk to Rithi papa. Once I come out, I will hear it from her. I definitely feel bad for not being there with you and it is difficult for me to be here without you. Love you so much. Be happy and have a happy life with me and Rithi,".

Rio not just wished Sruthi from inside the house but also arranged and planned a surprise before entering the Bigg Boss house. Yes! Rio has recorded a sweet birthday wish for Sruthi and handed it over to Surprise Machi, an event planning company. Rio's birthday wish voiceover was supplemented by a few animated pictures of Rio and Sruthi and it was shared as a special surprise to Sruthi. Talking in the video, Rio had recollected the beautiful memories he shared with Rio since their college days. As this year's birthday promise, he assured that he would take Sruthi on a trip to a country, after coming out of the Bigg Boss house.

An emotionally moved Sruthi shared the video on her Instagram page and wrote, "Thank you ❤️ I thought so much before posting this video. But I did want to share this with people who love us :) This was the sweetest thing you could have done for me 😢❤️ love you rio ❤️And thank you so much for all the sweet msgs and wishes! I feel so blessed! Thank you!❤️". This video has got a very good response from the fans and well wishers and has also come as a treat for the couple's fans. Check out Rio's surprise video for Sruthi here: