The COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic has still not run its course but people have learned to live in the "new normal" or atleast attempting to adapt to it. Meanwhile, teams of researchers are racing against time across the world to come up with an effective vaccine to put an end to this deadly Pandemic. Though Russia has already come out and registered 2 vaccine candidates, the medical fraternity at large is yet to accept them, as they have not yet cleared the Phase 3 clinical trials. However, there are quite a few other COVID vaccine candidates which are also in the end-stage of their trials and nearing the fruition stage. We now have some great news from early data received from the Phase 3 clinical trials of one such vaccine candidate!

Just recently, we got some great news about the vaccine candidate being developed by Pfizer. Now, there is some wonderful news coming out about the Moderna vaccine candidate. The US medical giant Moderna has released data that their vaccine candidate has shown 95% efficacy from their early data of the Phase 3 clinical trials! Experts in the medical field state that both Pfizer and Moderna used highly innovative and experimental methods while approaching the design of their vaccine candidates! The trial is said to have involved about 30,000 people with half of them receiving two doses of the vaccine candidate, within a space of 4 weeks while the remaining half were given just dummy injections.

These results have been computed from the first 95 volunteers to develop COVID-19 symptoms and among these only 5 people had been given the Moderna COVID vaccine, while the other 90 were given the dummy placebo. Moderna states that the vaccine candidate has shown efficiency in protecting 94.5% of the volunteers. The report further reveals that there were 11 cases of severe COVID reported among the volunteers but none of them were among those who had been immunised. Experts reveal that the expectation for over 94% efficiency was totally unexpected and that this is an amazing result! We hear that Moderna expects to have about 20 million doses of the vaccine available for distribution within the USA, when it applies for approvals from regulatory authorities. There are also reports that Moderna is planning to have 1 billion doses of the vaccine available next year, for use around the world!