Actress Ramya Pandian is now a household name after the massive success of Bigg Boss Tamil: Season 4. The talented actress took part in the recently concluded edition of Bigg Boss and she managed to leave a good impact with her game play. She was appreciated for being a light-hearted and positive person throughout the show and she never created any melodramatic scenes in the house. However, at the same time, a certain section of the audience criticized and abused Ramya Pandian, claiming that her character is poisonous. After coming out of the Bigg Boss house, Ramya Pandian surprised her fans by hosting an Instagram live session for the first time and during the live interaction, she answered several interesting questions.

One of the fans asked her about the negative criticisms and the trolls that are being made against her. Answering the question, she said that she ignores those comments completely and does not take them seriously. Talking about it, Ramya Pandian said, “I have been seeing several negative messages, negative comments, trolls, memes, etc. I realized one thing when I saw all these hatred posts against me. Let us all ignore it completely. We should not respond to their posts. When I checked the profiles that had abusive and negative content, I found that they had 0 followers and 0 posts in their profile. I understood that those are fake IDs who hide behind some random names.

These people create fake profiles and take time only to hurt us. Let them waste their time posting negatively about anyone, but let us not involve in such activities. If they have time to do that, let it be that way, but we can spend that time in even more productive activities. I am telling this with full happiness and no worries. You guys should also ignore all those negativities. Let us not hurt anyone from our side. We haven’t done it so far and let us not do it going forward, as well. These posts only show their maturity and character. Let us be happy and have fun with the positive things that are around us,”.

On the professional front, Ramya Pandian will very soon be acting in a new film under the production of Suriya’s 2D Entertainment. The project was officially launched this week and it made the fans excited. Ramya will be seen sharing screen space with Vani Bhojan in this film, directed by Arisil Moorthy.