We have seen people going to extreme lengths under the name or religious and superstitious beliefs! Sometimes, this results in extreme sacrifices which can shock onlookers. However, when educated people do it, it seriously shocks everybody. Now, one such incident has come to light in Andhra Pradesh! A professor couple from Madanapalle in the Chittoor region of AP, have murdered their two daughters, in the name of religious beliefs! This incident has sent shock waves across the nation and left people terrified, in the locality. Purushottam Naidu and his wife Padmaja from Madanapalle, are professors who are working in a college in their locality. The couple are said to be very religious and have been following a number of practices.

Owing to the lockdown brought on by the COVID-19 Corona Virus Pandemic, the couple's two daughters - Alekhya and Sai Dhivya, are said to have been staying at home with their parents, for over the past 8 months. Neighbours have noticed Purushottam and his wife getting involved in a number of religious activities, even at their house. Recently, the neighbours are said to have heard terrified shouts from the house and contacted the local Police. When the Police arrived at the couple's house, they were not allowed inside by the couple. The neighbours informed the Police of their suspicions that the shouts were those of the couples daughters. When the Police broke into the house, they found the two girls naked and dead in the Pooja room. Initially, Purushottam and his wife are said to have told the Police that their daughters were not dead and that they would rise again, if the night crosses.

Upon investigation, it has come to light that the couple had stripped the girls and bludgeoned them to death with dumbells. They claimed it to be a part of a special rite that would yield amazing results. Padmaja, who initially resisted arrest, is also said to have claimed to be the reincarnation of Lord Shiva. When the couple were asked to undergo COVID testing, Padmaja is said to have refused, stating that she had already suppressed the Corona Virus and that she would not be affected by it. Later, after calming down, Padmaja is said to have broken down and claimed that they had killed their own daughters and that thery were not worthy to live and deserved to die. It is still not clear as to what the couple had aimed to achieve by sacrificing their daughters. However, this incident has left all their neighbours in the Madanapalle region, in absolute terror!