Former video jockey and popular Tamil serial actress Nisha Krishnan is known for acting Kanaa Kaanum Kalangal: Kallooriyin Kadhai, Valli, Deivamagal, Saravanan Meenatchi (Season 2), Mahabharatham, Thalayanai Pookal, Nenjam Marapathillai, and more. She has also hosted shows like Sun Singer, Surya Vanakkam, Kitchen Galatta. The talented actress is married to actor Ganesh Venkatram who is known for his performances in films like Abhiyum Naanum and Unnai Pol Oruvan. Ganesh Venkatram became a household name after participating in the first season of Bigg Boss Tamil. Nisha and Ganesh have a daughter named Samaira.

The couple recently underwent a challenging situation where their daughter, Samaira was affected by UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). Samaira has now recovered from the infection and is said to be doing well. Nisha penned a long note sharing her thoughts about the recovery process. She shared a few important points that fellow mothers and parents could follow if they face a similar situation. Nisha also mentioned the importance of breastfeeding and asked the mothers to do it.

Sharing a picture with her daughter Samaira, Nisha Ganesh wrote, "A nightmare situation ! Samaira was admitted for severe UTI infection. She has completely recovered now and we got back home after 13 days at d hospital. I am a practical mom, but i ws not ready for this! whn it comes to ur baby, it can shake you up. U have to literally be a rock to handle the situation, to be clear to answer doctor's questions! Have all d details about the medicines that we have giving up-to-date. Why am i writing this? the information i had stored for emergency really helped me. Few points i learnt from this tough situation:

To all the moms:- 1.Please trust your intuition about your baby's health

2. Make sure you add your baby's name on your family health insurance

3. always prefer a hospital closest to your home

4. have a digital copy of your baby's health reports.

5. dont hesitate to ask as many questions and doubts to your pediatrician, no matter how frequent it is.

6.breastfeeding is a boon, it calms & nourishes. she is 1.7yrs old, i will continue to feed as long as i can. Ignore people who are discouraging you on your breastfeeding journey.

7. Always have Phone numbers, addresses, saved map routes and other details about the doctors and hospital close to your house.

8. Maintain a baby book. have a list of medicines that you have given for the respective illness for your baby so far. Always keep all the medicines in a travel friendly organizers box so it'll be easy to carry with you.

9.Have your baby's favourite books,toys and music to entertain them, Have a list of their daily diet routine to give it to the hospital team or friend or any family member to get the food for the baby on time.

10.Label all babies things at home so it'll be easy for the family member/friends to help you get them for you. (this will be really helpful in any situation) Finally!

11. IT WILL be exhausting, overwhelming, its ok to burst out and cry! but at the end pull ur socks up, take care of yourself first to have d energy to take care of d baby & finally don't forget to hold that smile on your face! that's d real healer for our kids❤️❤️ Hope this is helpful to someone in someway. This too shall pass! Sammy'strong mommy Nisha Ganesh😊".