It has been two weeks since Bigg Boss Tamil season 4 concluded with a grand finale which saw actor Aari Arujunan being crowned as the title winner. Bigg Boss 4, which aired for 105 days under host 'Ulaganayagan' Kamal Haasan, has turned out to be yet another successful year for Vijay TV and their streaming partner Hotstar, who witnessed phenomenal ratings, with Aari's antics on the show garnering a huge response, who charmed his way into the hearts of both the young and elderly alike. With Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Kondattam set to be telecast soon and the contestants recently reuniting once again as part of the gala event, Aari took time off his schedule for an exclusive interview with Galatta to speak about his big plans next. 

Aari, who has since his Bigg Boss 4 win stated on a number of occasions that his victory has been because of the people, was questioned what plans he has in store next. Aari said, "I recently told this at the Bigg Boss Tamil season 4 Kondattam event too that I'm going to continue my journey in the Tamil film industry and am focused on bringing out 2-3 films every year. I came to cinema around a decade back and have so far acted in close to 10-15 films. Among them, perhaps a couple of them have had a good run." 

Speaking about his initiatives on the social work front, Aari revealed, "I'm looking forward to creating a Guinness Record as a farmer under the Maaruvom Maatruvom Foundation. I want to focus on improving organic farming and agriculture that will prove beneficial to nature and our environmental surroundings. Since palm trees are less around us now, I want to plant more saplings because they usually take around 20-25 years to fully grow. I'm also planning on creating an awareness on the need for using natural seeds for better crops. Next, I also want to inform people on the need for the consumption of nutritious food, which will aid in fighting cancer - Eat to Beat Cancer is going to be our motto. "

Aari continued, "Over the past 10 years in India, there has been a rise in the number of women who have reported to be affected by breast cancer. So, I want to take this message across and inform people on the need to follow a healthy diet. I have also decided to donate a part of my earnings from the Bigg Boss 4 win for this purpose. I'm also planning to buy land with a big infrastructure, which will be used for children and students to learn about agriculture in a free workshop under our foundation. Furthermore, as I have in the past, I will continue to extend my voice for any issues that prevail in our society."

Watch Aari's full interview below: