The COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic hit the world hard and spared no country. However, some countries have been more affected than the others and over 1.5 million lives have been claimed by the deadly Virus so far, across the world! This Pandemic's outbreak has changed the very way we go about our everyday lives. Some terms like face masks, hand sanitisers, social distancing and such, have become the norm and following these are very essential to save ourselves as the Virus has still not been eradicated and completely removed from our lives. Vaccinations against COVID-19 have begun only in very few countries and it will definitely take some more time before every single person in the world has been vaccinated and the Corona Virus has been eliminated.

Following the safety protocols mandated by the health officials and the governments is mandatory and there can be no excuse against it. However, it is also necessary that those who impose these precautions, also follow it. When people in authority themselves disrespect the orders and do not follow precautions, then it paints a very bad picture of not just one individual but the entire authority itself; especially when the defaulter in question is the highest authority of that region. That is exactly what has happened in Chile. The President of Chile - Sebastian Pinera has been found guilty of not wearing a mask while posing for a selfie with a woman, on a beach. Even more so, the beach in itself seems pretty crowded with no social distancing being followed and when the photo went viral, it has invited a lot of criticism and also a hefty fine for the President.

Reports state that after the photo went viral, the President had been fined an amount close to USD 3,500, which is about Rs. 2.5 lakhs INR. Following this, President Pinara spoke to the media and apologised for the incident and had added that he had just gone for a walk along the beach near his house in Cachagua, when some people recognised him and asked to take photos. Following this, Sebastian Pinera issued a statement on social media, telling, "the walk was quite lonely until some people recognised me and asked me to take a picture. Surely I should have put on the mask, but because of the speed with which the events occurred I did not do so." Many people have been trolling and questioning President Pinera, especially because the Chile government imposes strict rules for wearing masks in public.