The lockdown brought on by the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic, made a lot of people opt for alternate careers or identify activities to supplement their income. Recently, the Australian racer Renee Gracie shot to instant fame, after she turned a porn star! A number of celebrities have become influencers on social media platforms and make money from that too! Some new platforms like OnlyFans allows uncensored content on their site and also allows far better interaction between celebrities and their fans & followers! Renee Gracie has been making a lot of money through her account on OnlyFans and following in her stead, an Australian tennis star has also chosen the same route!

Budding Australian Tennis player Angelina Graovac, has reportedly taken to OnlyFans to post her steamy photos to make money and supplement her Tennis career! The 19-year-old Tennis player has not yet made much in her sports career as she has won just 9 of her 37 career singles matches, till now. Graovac ranks 1,171 globally and has made career earnings of just $3,500! Reports state that Graovac has deleted a number of her racy pics she had posted on her Instagram account and has not even responded to media queries regarding this news. 

OnlyFans is a site which has a lot of users from among well known celebrities and there had been a big boom among the site's popularity during the lockdown pandemic. The site is not a porn site but has a lot of adult content and provides the content creators an opportunity to get a lot of money! A number of people on OnlyFans have quit their main jobs and started using the platform as a means of income. Indian actress Poonam Pandey is also on the website and releases her erotic videos and photos as well as live streams on the platform and has a huge following on it.