With the rapid advancement of technology, most of us have become entire dependent on it. Smartphones have now taken over the majority of our lives and almost everybody uses them, irrespective of age. On the flip side, the usage of technology has also made people highly vulnerable to the dark side of it. Quite a lot of user data is out in the open, as the apps collect a lot of it. This exposes quite a lot of data about the users of apps, to people who might misuse all of that to defraud the users. However, we always use some websites and platforms believing in their authenticity and the levels of safety they provide to their users and one such app is Facebook, which is said to have some of the best technical security, providing encryption to sensitive user data!

Unfortunately for Facebook users, there seems to have been a vulnerability on the platform, which could turn dangerous for them! An online security researcher recently found that the phone numbers of Facebook users are being sold in the online black market, using a Telegram bot! The cyber criminal forum had been selling a database containing Facebook IDs and the phone numbers of the users linked to them, using an automated bot on Telegram. Further reports state that the data of over 500 million users had been exposed by the hackers. However, this data is said to be from 2019 and that quite some details in this could be obsolete, considering that people change their phone numbers often. 

Security researcher Alon Gal has come out with the shocking report that some cyber criminals had created a Telegram bot to exploit a vulnerability in Facebook and had collected the Facebook IDs and respective linked telephone numbers of over 533 million users from across different countries. He also claimed that this incident had not been reported enough and it had now turned into quite a worrisome issue for the users. The Telegram bot is said to be selling telephone numbers to fellow Telegram users who have the Facebook IDs of any person. The bot is also said to be selling data in bulk, charging $5,000 for the data of 10,000 users. This dubious Telegram bot is said to be active from January 12, 2021 but is said to contain the data of Facebook users from 2019! This could cause some serious infringement on user privacy as well as making them susceptible to phishing and smishing attacks! Stay safe folks!