Today, we live in a world that is being referred to as the "new normal". There are numerous things that are no longer the same, from the world we knew abouot a year ago! Little did anyone know that the outbreak of the COVID-19n Novel Corona Virus Pandemic, would wreak such havoc on the world. The magnitude of the loss of lives and livelihoods is astounding and the numbers are staggering. Now, most people work from their own houses, to avoid risking the spread of the Virus. Only in places where working from home is not possible, are people making themselves physically present for work. In all other places, virtual meets and virtual connections are doing the trick! This "new normal" has caused an abnormal surge in the usage of video calls and conferences to connect with colleagues.

In workplaces where meetings were a daily norm, now online meetings and video calls, have become the "new normal". This has caused a massive surge in the use of applications like Zoom and other similar products. All this on one side, there has been a side effect to the increased usage of video calls and applications. This is rather a disorder, which comes with a name - Zoom Dysmorphia! Experts state that this Zoom Dysmorphia is a disorder that causes obsessive focus on a perceived flaw in a person's physical appearance. This disorder has caused huge numbers of people to flock towards getting plastic surgery, to look better in virtual meetings, like on Zoom calls!

A paper presented in a reputed international journal states that people are more concerned about their noses and wrinkles on their faces. This "new normal", involving virtual meetings could have provided a bridge to tide over physical meetings but has caused people to rather worry about their online appearances. In recent times, many plastic surgeons have been reporting a surge in patients citing the need to look better while on their Zoom calls, asking for face upliftment, especially with acne and skin wrinkles on their faces. Even a research on Google trends has shown a marked increase in searches for remedies to correct acne and hair loss. Experts state that with people constantly looking at themselves on virtual meetings might have caused them insecurity over their appearance and lead them to look at options to improve it.