This year 2020, took everybody by shock as we were introduced, rather abruptly and shockingly, to the deadly COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus! This virus has already claimed over 1.5 million lives across the world and has infected lots and lots more. With no way to combat the Virus effectively, scientists and researchers had been racking their brains to come up with a potent vaccine to effectively immunise people against the Virus and after months of working hard, have finally started reaping rewards now! A number of vaccine candidates have proven to be effective and now, many countries like the UK, USA, Canada, Russia and Bahrain have begun vaccinating their people, using the approved vaccine candidates!

Now, the big question had been, when the vaccination drive would begin in India as a number of companies have already approved for Emergency Use Approval, of their vaccine candidates. As a means of answering this question, the Union Health Minister - Dr. Harsh Vardhan, has give the tentative start time of the vaccination drive in India, during an exclusive interview to the popular news agency - ANI! ANI reports state Dr. Harsh Vardhan as telling that the Centre might begin vaccinating Indians for COVID-19, from as early as January, 2021! He is also reported to have said that the Centre's main priority is to ensure "safety & effectiveness" of the vaccines and also added that the government is analysing the vaccine for which the companies have applied for emergency use authorisation. 

Dr. Harsh Vardhan has also been quoted as saying that India has crossed the worst phase of COVID-19 but at the same time urged people to continue remaining cautious and follow all safety protocols. He said, "India is not less that any country when it comes to COVID-19 vaccine and research. Our first priority has been the safety and efficacy of the vaccine. We do not want any compromise on that. Our regulators are analysing them with seriousness." He is also reported as saying that the Centre had been working with the State governments for the past 4 months, to make all arrangements ready for the vaccination drive to begin once an appropriate vaccine has been identified. Dr. Harsh Vardhan has also said that the vaccine cannot be forced on anybody but the government is planning to properly educate people about the need for it.