Vishal opens up on how he felt after his wedding was called off, explains his views on divorce: "When something like this doesn't happen..." (EXCLUSIVE)

Vishal opens up on how he felt after his wedding got called off mark antony movie - Tamil Movie Cinema News

Vishal is gearing up for the release of his next big film, Mark Antony, scheduled to open in theatres starting September 15. The leading Tamil actor-producer took part in a special fans festival event organized by Galatta Media, which saw him open up on various aspects of his personal life, including his wedding to Anisha Alla Reddy getting called off a few years back. Speaking about whether he ever felt sad over the turn of events, Vishal said, "We venture out to do things in both our professional and personal lives, but there's no guarantee that everything will fall into place. It all comes down to the Almighty's word. When something like this doesn't happen, obviously that feeling will be there immediately that there's no compatibility, but you have to move on in life." 

Vishal also shared his views on divorce and how people must understand each other first before deciding to tie the knot. He said, "Of late, I've been hearing the word 'divorce' quite often and many of my friends are there on that list now. Why are you getting married then? You can marry after a proper understanding [about each other] because it's a long journey. Divorce has become very ordinary now. There are people who have gotten divorced ten years after being married. There are also those who got divorced after being married for a year. And, those who divorced after only six months of marriage." 

Upon being queried about his advice on what to do if a marriage isn't working out, Vishal stated, "If you're not compatible, it's okay, but you'll have to take into consideration the future of the children. If you forget your children's needs and decide to get separated, their mental stability will be based on their age. That is of primary importance. It's better to take a decision keeping in mind how such a decision will affect them."