S J Suryah reveals how Ajith Kumar was the reason for him to star in Vishal's Mark Antony, shares VidaaMuyarchi actor's advice to director Adhik Ravichandran (EXCLUSIVE)

S j suryah reveals how ajith kumar was the reason for him to star in vishal mark antony director adhik ravichandran - Tamil Movie Cinema News

S J Suryah is all set to be seen starting September 15 in Vishal's Mark Antony directed by Trisha Illana Nayanthara (2015) fame Adhik Ravichandran. The filmmaker-actor recently sat down for an exclusive interview with Galatta and revealed how Tamil superstar Ajith Kumar had a part in him getting the role in the upcoming time-travel sci-fi entertainer. S J Suryah recalled how he agreed to be a part of Adhik's Mark Antony and said, "When he narrated the plot for another project, it was a wrong story, but he recited it with loads of energy. At the time, it struck me that I had invested my energy in a few other films earlier, which misfired. So, I advised him to do a different story with the same energy and told him that he'd go to the top of the league. He then acknowledged my suggestion and said that he'd come back on another day." He further stated, "That story wasn't made into a film, but such movies have come out in Hollywood. I didn't feel the need to do it. When I told him to put in that same energy in another story, it took four years to happen and has now been made as Mark Antony. He (Adhik) also shared how Ajith told him the same thing and encouraged him to make a big film. After his motivation, he decided to make this film." 

Similar to how 'Thalapathy' Vijay was the reason for Atlee to approach Shah Rukh Khan for Jawan, S J Suryah opened up on how VidaaMuyarchi actor Ajith Kumar played a role in him landing the role in Mark Antony. He revealed, "Ajith sir told Adhik sir about me [for the role in Mark Antony]. After that, he went to Vishal sir and worked it out." He added, "We can identify the energy because we have crossed several paths to reach here. There have been times when I've wondered that he is someone who should be at a higher place. He's talented and knowledgeable, but hasn't reached where he deserves to be." S J Suryah continued, "I too have the same problem. I too am not where I'm supposed to be. So, if anyone guided us with such a piece of advice, we too can catch hold of it and go ahead. As of now, I'm doing the work I know."

Watch S J Suryah talk about Mark Antony director Adhik Ravichandran in the video below: