S J Suryah recalls the near-death accident after a lorry stunt sequence on the Mark Antony sets went wrong: "Vishal sir was on the ground and I was..." (EXCLUSIVE)

S j suryah recalls the near death accident after the stunt sequence went wrong at the mark antony sets vishal adhik - Tamil Movie Cinema News

Filmmaker-actor S J Suryah will be seen next in Vishal's Mark Antony, which is gearing up for a grand release in theatres on September 15. Directed by Trisha Illana Nayanthara fame Adhik Ravichandran, the upcoming film is coming out amidst tremendous expectations and is billed to be a time-travel science-fiction entertainer. All set to be seen on the big screen in dual roles with Vishal in Mark Antony, S J Suryah recently sat down for an exclusive interview with Galatta to talk about a stunt sequence in the film that went wrong during production earlier this year, with a video showing the near-death incident going viral on social media. 

Recalling the incident at the Mark Antony shooting spot, S J Suryah said, "Actually, that lorry was covered fully with [art property]. While we were filming the scene, Vishal sir was on the ground and I was standing next to him. I could see that the lorry had bulldozed a few things [that were placed on its path] and the driver was supposed to hit the brake. The stunt master was shouting instructions on the mic. But, when the lorry smashed through the set property, the driver panicked and ended up stepping on the accelerator instead of the brake. I saw that the lorry was headed straight towards me and Vishal sir. However, I noticed that the vehicle had shifted course from its axis and gone to the left side, and I was relieved that both Vishal sir and I were out of danger." 

S J Suryah continued, "The immediate concern was about the crew on the left side where the lorry was headed toward. By the time, we could say anything, it crashed into the set property and I thought at least 12 people might have gotten stuck in the chaos. Had the vehicle come straight toward us, it would have been a big trouble for both of us. By God's grace, nothing unfortunate happened. And, when I went and opened the lorry door to check on the driver, I noticed that there was barely any space on the windows in front of him since the entire vehicle was covered with property by the art department. I was stunned and asked him how he managed to drive the lorry in the first place." 

Watch S J Suryah talk about the stunt sequence gone wrong at the Mark Antony shooting spot in the video below: