Vikram Vedha is an upcoming neo-noir action thriller Hindi film that has been written and directed by filmmaking duo Pushkar–Gayathri. The film is the official Hindi remake of their own 2017 Tamil film of the same name. Jointly produced under the banners of YNOT Studios, Friday Filmworks, T-Series Films, and Reliance Entertainment, the film stars Saif Ali Khan and Hrithik Roshan in the titular roles respectively with Radhika Apte, Rohit Saraf, and Yogita Bihani in supporting roles. 

The makers of the film dropped its official trailer on Thursday (September 8) and it has already got fans super excited about it. The riveting action-packed trailer features Saif's Vikram facing off against Hrithik's Vedha in top notch fashion. True enthusiasts could not help but catch some moments from the trailer and compare it with the original film. 

One such scene is when Hrithik Roshan's character jumps down from the roof and slices a man's head in half. Though portrayed wonderfully, this scene was not screened or filmed in the Tamil original. Instead, there is a scene in a police station where the man describes it.

He says, "5 years back at Vyasarapadi bangle market, there was this deadly don named Shekar who was always surrounded by his men and tight security around him. Vedha managed to kill him itself! Do you know how? He jumped straight from the first floor with a sickle and sliced the guy's head half right in the center." The Hindi version of the film goes the extra mile to show this jaw-dropping scene. Check it out: 

While this scene for sure is something that the makers have decided to show in the upcoming film, there are also various moments from the trailer that are new. For example, at the start of it, we see Hrithik talk about a song on the radio. This is something that does not appear in the original Tamil.

Another example would be towards the end of the trailer where we once again see Hrithik using an assault rifle shooting and the car chase with Hrithik once again gunning down people. This is also something that is not seen in the Tamil original. 

Maybe these could be some new scenes that have been added in order to show Hrithik's character in a more gruesome and deadly way. It may also be done in order to play with Hrithik Roshan's ability as an action star and maybe that is why the filmmakers added such scenes in order to take full advantage of his skill and put it to good use. 

Vikram Vedha is scheduled for a worldwide theatrical release on 30 September 2022.