Popular Tamil film lyricist Kabilan's daughter Thoorigai died by suicide on Friday, September 9. She was 28. Thoorigai was found hanging at her home in Arumbakkam and her mortal remains were later shifted to a private hospital in Saligramam, Chennai. With a police investigation currently underway, it has been reported that she took the drastic step because her parents were forcing her to marry. That being said, actress Sharanya Nag, who is best known for playing a key role in Jayam Ravi's Peranmai, was also a close friend of Thoorigai, and took to social media to share an insight into the tragic incident, while also issuing a clarification and putting a full stop to the rumors that were doing the rounds. Sharanya had shared a note posted by Thoorigai nearly two years back in which she is seen explaining how suicide is never a solution to anyone's problems. 

Sharing Thoorigai Kabilan's note, Sharanya wrote in her caption: "Ppl who say, she should have think twice b4 d suicide..can u read it loud..don't judge her..she is brave girl! Ana d Affection wht she needed from d loved ones, has not been given to her in time..depression killed her! Whom to blame now..hope she will atleast rest with God now.. pappa miss u🖤 @thoorigaikabilan". Thoorigai's note reads as follows: 

"SUICIDE! Leading to any decision in life leaves a cause and effect to it. Ending any chapter of series leaves an impression of it for rest of the journey! Suicide is not an answer for any problem, none looses even an atom because of your suicide. We miss our life, we miss our laughter, we miss our pleasures, we miss our experiences, we miss our appreciations, we miss our enjoyments, we miss our life entirely. People post a story rather a post in social media, they might sit sad for a day or two, but pain of the parents and the love they showered on you? That pain is irreplaceable, you leave them alone with all your memories. How close the relationships are, they last for countable days, they remains for an year or 5 or 10, they return to their normal routine, they celebrate their life, they smile with people, and things turn out normal with its flow. The only lose is for yourself, you miss the remaining life of yours. You miss to enjoy your own beauty and smile. You miss to see your stages of life and growth! It's the bitter truth behind suicide, more than people missing you, You miss your entire smile of years for the moment! Dear girls, being a girl balancing all the abnormalities, physical and mental health and hormonal imbalances we should stay strong to remain strong and prove our women hood, and love for your life! GIRLS BE STRONG, IMPROVE STRONGER!" 

Kabilan's daughter Thoorigai carved a niche for herself as a fashion designer and as a writer, while also working as a costume designer in Tamil cinema. She also launched a digital magazine for women back in 2020, with filmmakers Pa. Ranjith and Cheran, and actress Vimala Raman doing the honors. The news of Thoorigai's untimely demise has come as a huge shock for the film fraternity and her friends, who have been expressing their condolences on social media.