Young filmmaker Pradeep Ranganathan is the talk of the town after the astounding success of his latest film, Love Today, which came out in theatres earlier this month, and has also garnered a positive response from fans and critics. With the rom-com family entertainer turning out to be one of the biggest hits of 2022, a special fans meet was organized recently by Galatta Media to celebrate the success of the film. During the event, Pradeep Ranganathan was queried about the representation of a particular community in Love Today, which had created some buzz both before and after the release of the film after a comment he had made in an interview. 

Addressing the debate around the depiction of a community in Love Today, Pradeep Ranganathan stated, "Vegetarianism isn't a decision related to a specific community, but rather our choice. It's a food habit. You can be a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian and that's completely your choice. So, she's (Nikitha played by Ivana) a vegetarian, and that is why I tell her in the film to go eat later as part of the dialogue. As for the naamam matter, my intention was something else, and what got conveyed was another thing. If you watch this film, I never spoke about his character (Sathyaraj as Venu Shastri) in a high or low manner. He's just a character. I thought it would be an interesting flavor for the character." 

Pradeep Ranganathan continued, "If you go watch that interview, many said I spoke in high regard about that particular community. Now, they're saying I'm making fun of that community. So, what's the reality here? In my mind, I never had any such thoughts. I'm looking only at this film's story. Each and every character in the film, be it Uthaman Pradeep or anyone else, they are being mocked, while also making fun of others. But, why is it that we are getting offended when we are addressing that one character? It's a character! Even in that interview, I only said that Venu Shastri will be like that. He's educated and all that. I never intended to brand it as common. I spoke about Venu Shastri with a certain idea, but it got connected like this. In addition, the clip that went trending only featured 10 seconds of that scene, and what I spoke before and after was not revealed. I was talking about the need for reservation. When I said that I came to know about caste when I had to fill out the form, I spoke in support of those who are low. I myself am from a lower community and do not belong to an upper community. I know what my pain is. So, why should I speak like that? Some have connected it to my father's name Ranganathan. There's no relation to that and this. I was seeing myself as a filmmaker. Even though I've spoken about myself, I didn't want to. I haven't come to talk about that. I only wanted to discuss how to lead an easy and better life, and focus on the positives. That's why I didn't reply. There's just so much love around me and I'm concentrating on that."

Watch Pradeep Ranganathan open up and talk more about Love Today in the video below: