Young filmmaker Pradeep Ranganathan is the talk of the town after the blockbuster success of his Love Today, which continues to draw audiences to cinema halls in huge numbers. Having made his film-making debut in Tamil cinema with the Jayam Ravi, Kajal Aggarwal, and Samyuktha Hegde-starrer Comali in 2019, his latest film saw his arrival as a hero on the big screen, with a sensational response from fans and critics. In light of the sensational feedback to his Love Today, a special fans meet was organized recently by Galatta Media to celebrate the success of the film, with Pradeep Ranganathan interacting with the audience while addressing some of the speculations doing rounds about his future projects among which also included a sci-fi venture with 'Thalapathy' Vijay

"There are details about the genre that have come out," Pradeep Ranganathan said, reacting to the rumors about a sci-fi film with Vijay. He continued, "I'm not in a place to disclose anything as of now. It'll be wonderful if the word comes out from their end. We had a meeting after Comali came out and he and his manager Jagadish said that they enjoyed the film quite a lot. He (Vijay) was very sweet and asked me where I had worked before. He was punctual and held our meeting on time. Be it Vijay sir or Rajinikanth sir, they're extremely punctual. There's an aura when you see him in person after witnessing him on the big screen. He speaks only whenever it's necessary and that's what I learned from him."

Whether Pradeep Ranganathan will team up with 'Thalapathy' Vijay in the future and if that film will be a sci-fi venture remains to be seen and is a waiting game at this point, but the speculations of a project in the said genre have no doubt piqued interest among many of the superstar's fans. Watch Pradeep Ranganathan talk about his meeting with Vijay in the video below: