With just weeks to go before the release of Thor: Love and Thunder, Marvel Studios has released another new teaser of the film. Titled the 'Speech', the clip sees the titular hero attempting to give the people of New Asgard a much-needed pep talk.

The clip shows Chris Hemsworth’s Thor is seen preparing his army of Asgardians with a rousing speech to fight against the enemy, but nobody pays any attention to him. He tries to hype the people ahead of a big fight and also delivers Captain America’s “Whatever it takes” speech from Avengers: Endgame. But unlike Cap, Thor fails miserably as Korg goes to grab some popcorn, Valkyrie thinks they are all going to die and Miek distracts the God of Thunder with his constant whiteboard scribblings.

"You see what's happening here, you're afraid. Scared, anxious," Thor says, as a montage depicts the Guardians of the Galaxy, Korg, Natalie Portman's Jane Foster, and more in battle. "My friends, in times like this we need to unite, and come together."

During an interview with the American ticketing company Fandango Media LLC, director Taika Waititi revealed, “I think that what we did with Ragnarok was, it made these movies appealing to other actors as well, like Christian [Bale] really he saw that and he was like, ‘I want to do something fun,’ and came here, wanted to be part of this thing. And Natalie too and… I think that she was just wanting to make sure that… I don’t even know how to say this, but… her character in those first few films, it’s probably not the most exciting version of the female character that we want from these films. I had to just talk to her about the fact that I wanted to change that character, just like we’d changed Thor’s character for Ragnarok and to give her a bit more license to be adventurous and fun because Natalie’s a really funny person."

Check out the brand new teaser here: