Many of us woke up to the tragic news Malayalam filmmaker Sachy’s passing away. The celebrated director died at 9.30 PM yesterday, June 18th at a private hospital in his hometown Thrissur. Sachy’s funeral took place today evening. His body was cremated at Kochi Ravipuram Crematorium around 4 PM today. Sachy’s body was kept in the high court hall advocates association chamber in the morning to pay homage. It must be noted that Sachy practiced law for 8 years before venturing into films. From there, the body was then taken to his house in Thammanam and finally to the crematorium. Sachy’s eyes have been donated.  
Sachy, who was admitted to Thrissur Jubilee Mission Hospital on June 16 after having suffered a cardiac arrest after undergoing total hip replacement surgery last week. There were speculations doing rounds that Sachy’s death happened due to medical error. However, Dr Prem from Thrissur hospital has denied this news saying - “There is no medical negligence in the surgery conducted on director.” Prem Kumar was the one who treated him. Here are some photos from Sachy’s funeral: